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Additional Resources

Below you’ll find links to organizations which provide helpful advance care planning resources for patients and professionals.

Making Choices Michigan is a community collaborative committed to helping people determine their end-of-life preferences, documenting those preferences in an advance directive (AD), developing a system for storing and retrieving the AD, and educating the healthcare community to honor a person’s AD to ensure that end-of-life preferences are respected.

Respecting Choices is an evidenced-based, comprehensive approach to advance care planning.  Offers education, facilitator certification, research articles, and more.

The Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) works to improve advanced illness by empowering consumers, changing the health delivery system, improving public and private policies, and enhancing provider capacity.

The Conversation Project provides resources for helping individuals talk to their loved ones about their wishes for end-of-life care.

California Coalition for Compassionate Care promotes high-quality, compassionate care for everyone who is seriously ill or nearing the end-of-life.  Provides tools and educations on advance care planning and palliative care.

The National POLST Paradigm provides research and resources to states and organizations implementing POLST-like programs.

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