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Community Education & Engagement Guide & Report

The Advance Care Planning (ACP) Pilot

The purpose of the ACP pilot was to test community education strategies, with a goal of engaging healthy adults in starting the ACP process. The pilot was conducted in 4 areas: Grand Rapids (Making Choices Michigan), Southeast (Henry Ford), Upper Peninsula (Upper Peninsula Health Plan) and Mid-Michigan (MidMichigan Health).

This work was supported by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.

How to Use This Guide This guide provides a description of the community education and engagement activities, including the structure, process, tools, resources, and helpful notes. These tools may be accessed and adapted as noted at In addition, the website lists the events these communities continue to offer. Visit the website and attend one near you.

The accompanying ACP Michigan Community Education and Engagement Pilot Report provides further detail and discussion of the key themes impacting the success of the activities. When using the tools in the Guide, it’s best to carefully review the tools and make alterations as needed to tailor the program to the audience. Be prepared: you will learn just as much from your audience as they learn from you!

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