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Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a person-centered, ongoing process of communication that facilitates individual understanding, reflection and discussion of their goals, values and preferences for future healthcare decisions.  This process is applicable to all adults, from the healthy to those who have advanced illness from which they won’t recover.

ACP Michigan is a network of individuals and organizations working to provide and grow ACP services in their communities.  Foundational support is provided by the Michigan Health Council and Michigan Primary Care Consortium to develop this network focused on increasing statewide access to advance care planning.  ACP Michigan serves as the leader in education and guidance for those seeking to implement ACP in their organization or community.  ACP Michigan is a neutral, statewide resource to help individuals make connections and get the resources needed to build an ACP framework and foster change in a sustainable fashion. 

Highlighted Resources

Highlighted Resources

About ACP

Every adult has the right to decide what medical care they think is best for them.  Planning for your healthcare ahead of time allows others to honor your healthcare choices if you are unable to speak for yourself.

Advance Directive

Looking for an advance directive document?  See attached for the resources created by Making Choices Michigan.  This guide and advance directive document may be utilized by your organization!  

Community Education & Engagement Guide 

This guide provides a description of the community education and engagement activities, including the structure, process, tools, resources, and helpful notes. 

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